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We work best with real estate developers who want to create purpose and distinction in the marketplace.

Junction Co. - The meaning of our name reinforces the concept of connection. We are the link—the junction point—of project vision, product development, marketing and sales. Co. is short for company. We believe the company you keep says a lot. What’s more, we see the “co.” in how we work: collaboration, cooperation, coordination, community, and on a Friday afternoon, cocktails.

Places people
want to be.

Every community has context, history and meaning. Junction Co.’s human-centered approach helps influence built-environments that foster a sense of place. Places that are unique, cultured, and create an unforgettable feeling. Places with soul. Our clients value our contribution at every stage of a project and for any type of real estate — from mixed use residential to street-level retail and everything in between. Though we call Vancouver BC home, as true citizens of the world, we are adept at contributing to projects that matter regardless of where they be.


Ameet has worked in the real estate development industry for over 25 years with a focus on project positioning, product development, marketing and sales. She has been accountable for generating revenue across all classes of real estate including; master-planned communities, mixed-use developments, multifamily buildings, single-family homes, retail, and hospitality. A firm believer in the power of collaboration, Ameet works with every client to clearly understand their business goals and ensure the project vision is articulated, shared, and championed at every step along the way from boardroom to market. Ameet’s purpose comes from her sincere dedication to building better cities, today and for the future.